[Congratulations] University "Personal Application" in the 108th Year of the Year Stage 2 - Image History and Digital Humanities Group

  • 2019-04-25
  • history網站管理員
130172 - Department of History (Graphic History and Digital Humanities Group)
Quota category: enrollment quota
Just taking: 14
(From left to right, then from top to bottom, according to the candidate's ranking)

19251003 10106737 10104705
10102330 10217508 10109734
10066123 10296724 10182118
10006033 10290826 10194705
10205220 10314334

Ready: 11
(From left to right, then from top to bottom, according to the candidate's ranking)

10087838 10269305 10037437
10135734 10314122 10323822
10318922 10089328 10004211
10089238 10102840

※ Admission students (including positive and regular) should be registered from 108.05.09(4) to 108.05.10(5) daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm to the Selection Committee to register the "Networking Volunteer Order" (point Select the link). Anyone who fails to register according to the prescribed period and method shall be deemed to have renounced the admission qualification and will not be distributed. For the uniform distribution, please read "11, Unified Distribution" on page 12 of the "Admissions for Students" Admissions Guide for the 108th Annual Academic Year.

※ In order to take care of the majority of students who are interested in learning, the four-year tuition fee for students of Foguang University in the 108th year of the year is charged by the public university. There are other welfare support awards and other scholarships waiting for you!

※ The university's individual application for enrollment is a key letter. The school has sent it to the "Limited Time Registration" today (108.04.25). Please check the receipts and the parents' attention until the next Monday (108.04.29) ) Still not received, please call us at (03) 9871000 to 11130-11133.