Invite you to join the Department of History at Foguang University

  • 2019-04-23
  • history網站管理員
After two days of interviews on April 19 and 20, will the students be surprised today? I hope that our history of Buddha Light will leave you a good impression. I think it is definitely a good learning environment.
The interview teacher team includes:
Main test site: Director Zhao Taishun, Teacher Li Jixiang (Director of the Department).
History test site: Teacher Han Xianbo.
Image test site: Teacher Song Meiying.
Off-site services: Fan Chunwu (former director), Wang Shujin teacher, Wen Yiwen teacher, Han Chenghua teacher, Zhu Haoyi teacher.
Teachers and seniors welcome you all sincerely.

what? You are afraid that you can't get it. Indeed, not on the list, everything is not allowed, but in fact, the teacher I am more worried about is that you are not willing to come!