Personal Conference

Year Paper Title
2017 Mei-Ying Sung, Teaching History or Retelling Ancient Stories with Pictures: William Blake and the School Version of Virgil, ECAH 2017 (The European conference on Arts & Humanities), Brighton, UK, , 2017-07-11-2017-07-12
2017 宋美瑩, Teaching History or Retelling ancient stories with pictures: William Blake and the school version of Virgil, ECAH (The European Conference on Arts & Humanities) 2017, 英國, , 2017-07-11-2017-07-12
2016 朱浩毅, 〈「懷疑」與「舉業」──朱熹說解《尚書》的兩難課題」〉, 朱子閩學與亞洲文化論壇, 中國大陸, , 2016-12-17-2016-12-18
2016 溫楨文, 「言論為活」:黑血革命潮流裡的黃遠生, 胡適與知識人的變局抉擇, 台北市, , 2016-12-16-2016-12-16
2016 宋美瑩, Collecting Romanticism in the History of Print, ROMANTIC LEGACIES - The 13th Annual Wenshan International Conference, 台灣台北, , 2016-11-18-2016-11-19
2016 宋美瑩, The Charnley-Dodd woodblocks at the Huntington Library, The Charnley-Dodd Woodblocks: Workshop, 英國牛津, , 2016-06-17-2016-06-17